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Speak out

Asking questions

Looks like the SO alerted the School Board that people are interested in what they do. It’s about time some started keeping an eye on them There is too much at stake here. If school board members can’t ask questions at the meetings, then who can? I thought the question that school board member Brenda Patrick asked regarding clari- fication of the salary of employees was a reasonable question to ask. The board was asked to consider hiring a social worker for the dis- trict. The President of the school board replied that they have never done that at a meeting and he was not about to start now. In case you didn’t know, Mr. Board President, people are all about transparency these days. Gone are the days of the rubber stamp committee. Please come forth with the information Brenda Patrick asked, after all it is taxpayers monies being spent.

Something rotten
This is no bargain proper- ty. There is no plan for what it will be used for. There has been no inspection of the buildings condition, yet someone on the Board keeps pushing this purchase. Something is rotten about this deal.

Gullible Gus

Remember when JimmyBaker went to prison for fraud and bilking Senior Citizens and the religious public out of tens of millions of dollars. Fast forward to 2021 and the Big Lie. Playing to peoples emotions and beliefs is once again the mas- ter ploy. The Master Huckster is once again play- ing to the gullible and reeling in money in the misguided beliefs that it will change things. It Won’t. If he’s so rich why do you need to send him money. What he is perfect at is getting others to pay him money through deception fraud and lies..Are you a Gullible Gus?

David Driskel owes Mrs. Patrick an apology for his rude treatment. Also aren’t public employees including school employees salaries public information

Removing item

Any Board member may ask to have an item removed from the consent agenda according to Robert’s Rules. No explanation on it is necessary. A member would ask to remove an item if that member wanted to discuss it, ask questions on it, or have a separate vote. After members have had plenty of opportunity to remove any item from the consent agenda, a member moves to approve all of the remaining items. There can be no discussion or amendment of this motion. The vote is taken and all items that were on the con- sent agenda are approved by the one vote.

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