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Kankakee County Public Hearing Notice

Notice of Public Hearing

Kankakee County


RE: Capital Assistance Grant Application, Improvements to Public Transportation Service for the Non Urban Areas of Kankakee County


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by Kankakee County.

Date:   August 19, 2021

Time:   2:00 PM

Room:  Second Floor Planning Conference Room

Place:  189 East Court Street, Kankakee, IL


For the purpose of considering a project for which financial assistance is being sought from the Illinois Department of Transportation, pursuant to its Capital Grants Program. The project is generally described as follows:


  1. Project Description:

This project will provide two replacement Medium Duty

passenger paratransit vehicles and two replacement Super

Medium Duty 26 passenger paratransit vehicles to be used in

the provision of non-urban public transportation in Kankakee

County.  The vehicles are projected to cost a total of $360,000.

This project will also provide funding for the purchase of a

vehicle storage facility sufficient to house the fleet. The total

cost of the facility is projected to be $700,000. The total cost of

the project is projected to be $1,060,000.


  1. Relocation: Relocation Assistance will not be required.


  1. Environment: This project is being implemented to minimize environmental impacts.


  1. Comprehensive Planning: This project is in conformance with comprehensive transportation planning in the area.


  1. Elderly and Handicapped: All new facilities included in this project will be accessible to the elderly and handicapped.


  1. At the hearing, Kankakee County will afford an opportunity for interested persons or agencies to be heard with respect to the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the project.  Interested persons may submit orally or in writing evidence and recommendations with respect to said project.


III. Kankakee County requests that any hearing impaired person wishing to attend this Public Hearing notify Geoff Olson at telephone 815-936-5544 at least one week before the scheduled hearing date so that arrangements can be made to provide an interpreter.


  1. A copy of the application for a state grant for the proposed project will be made available for public inspection at the Kankakee County Planning Department: Contact Geoff Olson, PCOM, 189 East Court Street, Kankakee, IL 60901, phone 815-936-5544.


8/8, 8/10, 2021

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