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Ameren Rider MAP-P Notice



Notice of Proposed Tariff Changes

Electric Service Schedule Ill. C. C. No. 1


To the Electric Patrons of

Ameren Illinois Company d/b/a Ameren Illinois:


Ameren Illinois (or the Company) hereby gives notice to the public that on April 15, 2021, it filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC or Commission) proposed changes in its rates and charges for electric delivery services throughout its territory in Illinois pursuant to its Rider MAP-P, performance-based formula rate tariff, and updated its calculation of rates and charges per the formula rate tariff. The changes are applicable to Ameren Illinois Rate Zones I, II and III, as more fully described below. The changes in rate schedule are proposed to take effect with the January 2022 billing period – after the Commission issues its final Order. The Commission has up to 240 days to complete this proceeding and issue its final Order.

This filing conforms to Illinois Public Acts 097-0616, 097-0646 and 098-0015 (the “Law”).  These Public Acts also require the Company to spend $625 million in electric system modernization investments over a 10-year period. This modernization will benefit customers and create 450 new jobs during the peak program year.  In addition, the Law requires the Company to meet various performance metrics intended to increase reliability, reduce outage durations and provide improved service to customers, or be subject to financial penalties.

The proposed updated formula rate revenue requirement results in an overall annual increase of $64.09 million from the electric revenue requirement last ordered by the ICC in Docket No. 20-0381. Proposed rates in this proceeding will reflect rate design changes, including rate uniformity among the same Rate Classes in different Rate Zones, with two exceptions as approved in Docket No. 19-0877. The Pole Charge for DS-5 lighting customers in Rate Zone III and Meter Reassignment Charge for certain DS-3 and DS-4 customers in Rate Zone I will remain independent by Rate Zone.

For the DS-1 Residential Delivery Service classification, the proposed increase in electric delivery service and electric distribution tax (EDT) cost recovery revenue is 6.2 percent.

The rates for delivery service and EDT cost recovery constitute only a portion of the total bill of a customer currently taking bundled electric service from Ameren Illinois or taking supply service from a third-party supplier. The following compares the Company’s proposal to the bundled bill (delivery service charges that are in effect today and purchased power charges effective through May 2021) for residential customers:

1) For a residential customer using 5,000 kWh annually (or average of 417 kWh monthly), the effect of the delivery service bill changes being proposed by the Company produces an average monthly increase of $1.86.

2) For a residential customer using 10,000 kWh annually (or average of 833 kWh monthly), the effect of the delivery service bill changes being proposed by the Company produce an average monthly increase of $2.77.

3) For a residential customer using 18,000 kWh per year (or average of 1,500 kWh monthly), the effect of the delivery service bill changes being proposed by the Company produce an average monthly increase of $3.69.

For non-residential customers, the proposed changes in electric delivery service and EDT cost recovery revenue are as follows:

  • For DS-2, Small General Delivery Service, 10.2 percent increase;
  • For DS-2, (Optional Charges), Small General Delivery Service, 11.6 percent increase;
  • For DS-3, General Delivery Service, 12.1 percent increase;
  • For DS-4, Large General Delivery Service, 11.2 percent increase;
  • For DS-5, Lighting Service, 11.9 percent increase; and
  • For DS-6, Temperature Sensitive Delivery Service, 12.1 percent increase.

The Commission has docketed the matter as 21-0365. A copy of the proposed change in schedule may be inspected at the Ameren Illinois offices at 300 Liberty Street, Peoria, Illinois or online at

Customers should be advised that the Commission may alter or otherwise amend the rates or conditions of service after hearings are held pursuant to 83 Ill. Adm. Code Part 200, and may increase or decrease individual rates in amounts other than those requested by Ameren Illinois.

All parties interested in this matter may obtain information with respect thereto either directly from Ameren Illinois or by addressing the Chief Clerk of the Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, Illinois 62706.



d/b/a Ameren Illinois

By: Richard J. Mark, President & CEO

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