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Drainage District No. 5 Township of Assumption



Is hereby given to all ADULT LANDOWNERS that own land in Drainage District No. 03-MC1 in the Township of Assumption #5 that an election of 1 Drainage Commissioners for said Drainage District will be held at 2504 E1200 North Road, Assumption, IL 62510 in said District on TUESDAY THE 7 DAY OF SEPTEMBER 2021, being the first Tuesday of said month. SAID ELECTION WILL OPEN AT THE HOUR OF 2 P.M. AND CLOSE AT THE HOUR OF 4 P.M.


Every adult owner of land in said Drainage District, whether a resident or non-resident of said district, has lawful right to vote in the election, and if an resident of the State of Illinois, is eligible to the office of Drainage Commission in and for said Drainage District. But no person who is not an adult owner of land wholly or partly in the district can lawfully vote at said election.


Given under my hand this 24 day of August, 2021.


/s/Julie J. Mayer

Circuit Clerk of

Christian County,

Illinois, Ex Officio Clerk of said Drainage District




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