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Homecoming surprise

What happened to the little town of Mt. Auburn, came back for the annual Picnic and was shocked by all the trash and weeds and junk cars sitting around in that town. Do they have any ordinances any more in that town or can you do what ever you want or don’t want to. Theres a place on north end of town that you can’t even see the place for weeds and trees and junk cars. Another on east side that isn’t any better amid several in between. And the junk yard by cemetary is really apealing as well. Was totally shocked by all the junk. Mayor and board needs to take back control of that mess.

Another view

To Two Points. If a TPD Swat team raided your next door neighbor drug dealer years ago. Why do we need another Swat team? We already have one! And by the way, why don’t we hear much of the Central Illinois Drug Task Force anymore? Everyday in the paper there’s people being charged with meth possession. So somebody is doing their job and it’s not requiring a Swat team. And still no one has revealed the identity of the local business who is help- ing fund this new Swat creation.

Appreciate job

Again the Manners Park employees did an excellent job cleaning up the limbs & debris after this last storm. They make using the park really enjoyable, & we appreciate all they do. They are also friendly.

Info request

A couple of years ago I asked for, and you complied, to post the baseball stand- ings (not everyone is a Chicago or St. Louis fan) . I understand why last year it was not in the paper as it was a lost year. However, could you please find a space to post them now. It’s getting close to the World Series and a lot of teams are fighting for a position. Thank you…Oh, it would be nice to see the standings when football season starts too.

Matter of trust

It’s not the science that I don’t trust it’s the scientist, they are all acting like politicians while the politicians think they are doctors.

No rule of law

I’m not an avid reader of this column. However I feel an intense urge to comment on what is happening in Afghanistan. There’s more than enough criticism about how the US exited that country. It is important to realize that the Afghan military and government collapsed. There’s currently no rule of law in that country. The Taliban have yet to establish some form of government. Muslim countries don’t operate like our democracy. The volitile conditions inside Afghanistan among large factions who are at war with each other, begs the question. What and who could have accomplished an organized and peaceful exit from that country. Absolutely no person, government, or entity could have moved peacefully out of a war zone. All the critics, all the ordinary Joe experts need to get over it and look ahead. I’m saddened by the recent events but there’s no replay, and with all the chaos any exit was destined to be extremely dangerous and painful for all involved.

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