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Enjoying Life After Retirement

Rhonda Wilson Breeze-Courier Writer

Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby, it’s a life style. Perhaps this is what Nancy Montgomery believes since she retired. Some may know her as a former teacher at the Taylorville Junior High or the mother of former Taylorville mayor James Montgomery. This grand- mother feels she has the opportunity to stay active and create a healthy lifestyle regardless of age.

Physical activity is good for people of all ages, and Nancy proves just that as she enjoys staying ambitious. You can find her on the golf course several times a week, either playing in the Women’s League or just for enjoyment. “I don’t ride. I walk.” she says as she points to her Fit Bit and states that she walks 7.5 miles for each 18 holes she plays. She enjoys the sport as well as the socialization, and she might be just a little competitive!

“I’m still learning.” is a quote from Michelangelo at age 87. Although Nancy is much younger than Michelangelo, she is still learning too. A few years ago she became interested in Pickleball. She and former Taylorville resident Peggy Farr Johnson started playing in Springfield. Because of her enthusiasm she worked on gathering people to form a group of Pickleball players in Taylorville. “There are 16 participants in the group, ages 40’s to mid 70’s, and all women.” They play 4 times a week at various times. There are 2 courts at Manners Park and 2 courts at the YMCA, which is used in bad weather or winter. Nancy states “We play for fun. It’s great exercise.” She adds, “It’s just friendly competition and great socialization.” And don’t forget the Fit Bit! She racks up another 2 miles each time she plays Pickleball!

So have you heard of Pickleball and not quite sure what it is? Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in 37 countries. The game actually was invented at the home of Joel Pritchard in 1965, at Bainbridge Island, Washington because friends and family were bored. They attempted to set up bad- minton but couldn’t find the shuttlecock, thus the game was invented! It is a combi- nation of badminton, ping pong and tennis, played as doubles with a wiffle ball and paddles on a court simi- lar to to a tennis court. It comes complete with a set of strict rules. This sport is very popular in retirement communities but is enjoyed by all ages. There are U. S. Open Pickleball Championships held in Naples, Florida which started in 2016.

You can do the math on how many miles a week Nancy averages. Aside from these two sports she also has a trainer who worked up a plan for Strength Training that she enjoys at the Y and she is a coach for her sister who participates in Rock Steady Boxing which is a program for Parkinson’s dis- ease. Staying mentally and physically active is very important for the aging process. So if you feel tired trying to keep up with Nancy, perhaps armchair exercises or a walk around the block is just fine! Kudos to Nancy for making the best of each and every day!

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