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Dear Editor,

To the writer of “No rule of law” in Friday’s Speak Out: You are telling Gold Star Families to “get over it”? You are telling honorably serving Service Men and Women to “get over it”? You are telling Military Veterans to “get over it”? I hope that at a minimum you are a Veteran to tell these groups of people to “get over it”!

You sound like Secretary Austin, when he basically said that every military operation he has ever been involved withA LWAYS could have been done better or more efficient! That was probably a slip, a rare moment of truth, that the Main Stream media HAD to ignore! As a military Veteran, who has planned and executed many military operations, his com- ment immediately hit a nerve. Austin in his rare moment of truth, identified himself as the COMMON DENOMINATOR for poorly planned and executed military operations! The truth hurts, but I have to give him props for finally telling the truth, even if the Main Stream media didn’t want to hear it! There is no “getting over” failed leadership! For you who have never served this might be a foreign concept. When a Service Man or Women takes the oath to follow the orders of the President and Officers over them, they (especially in times of war) put their life in the hands of their leaders. They follow orders assuming that their leaders are honest and competent. They assume that these leaders live by the same warrior ethos and values, especially “not leaving a comrade behind”. Our brave Service Men and Women, Veterans, Military Families and especially the Gold Star Families now know that neither the current Commander and Chief, the current Secretary of Defense, nor the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff live by the same warrior ethos and values that they do! It is past time for these three “leaders” to resign! And add our deafeningly silent Senator Duckworth to the list of folks who need to resign! She only cares about the military, veterans and families come election time, otherwise she would be speaking up on their behalf right now!

Retired U.S. Army

Illinois Army National Guard


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