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Public Meeting Notice

Christian County Board

The Christian County Board will meet Tuesday, Sept. 21st at 6:30 p.m. in the Christian Co. Board Room. Agenda includes: Approve minutes from 8/17/21 meeting, public comments, appointments: Thomas Anderson – Cemetery Board, Health Dept., present
in writing petitions, resolu- tions/or ordinances, proclama- tions to be addressed in com- mittees – Resolutions – Sale of Delinquent Property: R2021TR018 – Permanent Parcel Number 10-04-12-105- 006-00; R2021TR019 – Permanent Parcel Number 15- 12-08-303-011-00; R2021TR020 – Permanent Parcel Number 15-12-08-305- 009-00; R2021TR021 – Permanent Parcel Number 15- 12-09-202-004- 00;R2021TR022 – Permanent Parcel Number 16-09-27-114- 001-00; R2021TR023 – Permanent Parcel Number 17- 13-27-406-026-00;Reading of Communications:Highway/Buil ding/Grounds/Environmental/

Zoning/ Welfare—09/14/2021: Open Bids – 7.48 Acres Part of Parcel #03-07-27-300-016-00; Open Bids – Trees/Stumps Court House Lawn; request to use courthouse lawn – Chilifest; Solid Waste business, BLH Contract, roll Off Containers, Highway business: Speed Study in Clarksdale, CH 9 Stockpile, noise complaint, Project updates, Zoning busi- ness, Courthouse and building business; Executive/Personnel/Liquor/L egislative—9/13/2021: AFSCME Request, County Reapportionment, Personnel issues and/or personnel/other county policies/procedures, personnel or labor updates or any other matters or referrals that properly come before the committee; Audit/Finance/Purchasing/Bu dget—8/18/2021, 8/26/2021, 9/9/2021 and 9/15/2021: Approve claims as presented for September, BLH Contract, EMA Vehicle and Trade In, Survey Records, ARPA Funding, Referrals from other committees, Review proposed office budgets; NEW BUSI- NESS/OLD BUSINESS/OTHER:Biden’s COVID 19 mandate, Addition of TX21-6 to zoning code 1-3- 17 AC/DC Transmission lines, 2022 Holiday Schedule, 2022 County Board Meeting Schedule, October Committee Meetings – Columbus Holiday on Monday, October 11th, Second Amendment Act Ordinance, Ceiling 3rd Floor of Courthouse, Insurance – IPRF – Worker’s Compensation, Insurance – Property, Auto, and Liability, Special Meeting – Tenaska Group – November 2, 2021, ARPA Funds and First Interim Report, Motion to go into executive session to dis- cuss ongoing litigation and any and all subject matters relat- ing thereto including but not limited to investigation, attor- ney-client reports, consultant reports, discovery, settlement negotiations, settlement offers, issues, status of case, States Attorney’s opinions and/or recommendations and to include the following persons to be present during all or part of such executive session namely, Chairman of the Board, all other Board mem- bers, States Attorney, County Treasurer, County Clerk, County Board’s Administrative Assistant and such other per- son or persons as the Chairman may decide during this County Board meeting and/or during such executive session, Mileage and Per Diem Report, Adjourn meeting until Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

City of Taylorville Street & Sewer/Public Facilities Committee

The City of Taylorville Public Facilities Committee will meet Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021 at 6 p.m. Agenda includes: Municipal Bldg. roofing proj- ect, Wareham’s Security Cameras, Skateboard Park, public comments, adjourn. The Street & Sewer Committee will meet immediately following. Agenda includes: fall dumpster days, discuss sewer maps, superintendent’s report, public comments, adjourn.

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