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School board appoints new members

Royale Bonds

Breeze-Courier Writer

TAYLORVILLE— The Taylorville Board of Education held a special meeting Monday night and appointed two new members to fill vacant spots on the Board.

After over an hour in closed session, the board voted to appoint Rick Bryan. He was appointed with a vote of 3-2. Board members Carla Mickey and Brenda Patrick voted no.

Bryan is a former school board member and lost his reelection bid in the last school board election.

The other seat was filled by Jennifer Dammerman who won the unanimous consensus.

Both will now have to run for election to unexpired two-year terms in the future.

During the visitors portion of the meeting, Carl Nieman spoke to the board about televising the meetings on Tommy TV. Nieman said he has went to the Superintendent three times now about this matter.

The next Taylorville School Board meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.

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