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County Board approves solar farm permit

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Breeze-Courier Writer

TAYLORVILLE—- The Christian County Board held its regular meeting Tuesday evening in the Board Meeting Room of the Courthouse. During the meeting, a special use permit for a solar farm on Langleyville Road in Taylorville was approved by the narrowest of margins, 8-7, Shelly Kaplan, who lives across the street from the proposed solar farm, expressed her concerns to the board about solar farms decreasing property value.

Kaplan said, “I’m not against solar. I’m against solar in residential neighborhoods.”

Before a permit can be issued, the zoning board will have a vegetative screen between the solar farm and the surrounding residents and there has to be an updated decommissioned plan.

The motion for a special permit was passed 8-7. Chuck Smedley, Mike Specha, Matt Wells, Timothy Carlson, Craig Corzine, Linda Curtin, Ray Koontz, and Dale Livingston voted in favor of the permit. Ken Franklin, Bev Graham, Vicki McMahon, Venise McWard, Gene Price, Brian Sharp, and Thomas Snyder Jr. voted “no.” Member David Puccetti was absent.

The FY2022 budget was discussed and passed at the meeting. The Sheriff’s budget received a 3% increase instead of a 4% increase. Jail Administrator Cecil Polley said the increase would make it difficult to hire court security.

The board discussed the countyreapportionmentplan. A new law went into effect that requires 1,200 people or as close as possible in each precinct.

Chairman Matt Wells said, “We’re telling some people you’re going to be driving 10 miles to vote. I don’t like that.”

Chairman Wells said he will get a public hearing or special meeting scheduled to handle the county reapportionment by the end of the year.

The next County Board meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the County Board Meeting Room on the second floor of the Courthouse.

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