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Congratulations on 50 years!

TAYLORVILLE — Romona Legg has been a fixture at the Ace Hardware in Taylorville literally since the day it opened. She, alongside her husband Joe, were the first Managers.

“Well, I was working in Springfield when George, the original owner of Ace, asked us where we would like to live. And Joes aid all his family was in Taylorville. George said to ’Find me some ground and I’ll build you a store,’ and we’ve been here ever since.” Romona shares.

Many of Romona’s family have also worked at the Ace Hardware store over the years, including seeing it through expansions and reorganizations of the shelves. Through it all, it is the customers that kept Romona coming back to the store day in and day out. On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, Romona retired after 50 years with the store. She was awarded a Golden Hammer award by Mike Metzer, Multistore District Manager of Ace, Lucy Stafford, the owner, and Shirley Niethe, store manager. From left are: Mike, Romona, Shirley and Lucy.

Rachel LeBeane/Breeze-Courier Photo

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