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2021 Railroad Assessments





Notice is given that the Department of Revenue has determined the 2021 equalized assessed value of the railroad real operating property subject to its assessment jurisdiction under the Property Tax Code, for the following companies.


2021 Equalized

Name of Railroad Company assessed value

A&R Terminal Railroad, LLC  1,969,000

Ag Valley Railroad, LLC 6,000

Bulkmatic Railroad Corp. 43,000

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. 680,948,000

Calumet Transload Railroad, LLC 259,000

Central Illinois Shippers, Inc. 104,000

Chessie Logistics Company, LLC 11,000

Chicago Central & Pacific Railroad Co. 24,535,000

Chicago Chemung Railroad Corp. 4,000

Chicago Port Railroad Co. 575,000

Chicago Rail & Port, LLC 506,000

Chicago Railway, LLC 5,220,000

Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad Co. 447,000

Chicago, Peoria & Western Railway Co. 4,000

Cicero Central Railroad, LLC 75,000

Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad Co. 20,000

CSX Transportation, Inc. 81,618,000

Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad 19,065,000

Decatur & Eastern Illinois Railroad, LLC 6,165,000

Decatur Junction Railway Co. 26,000

East St. Louis Junction Railroad Co. 127,000

Elwood, Joliet & Southern Railroad, LLC 831,000

Evansville Western Railway, Inc. 21,787,000

Grand Trunk WEstern Railroad, Inc. 1,175,000

Great Lakes Terminal Railroad, LLC1 1,348,000

Illinois & Midland Railroad, Inc. 8,940,000

Illinois Central Railroad Co. (GM&O Line) 149,352,000

Illinois Railway, Inc. 8,729,000

Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Co. 14,799,000

Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd. 25,906,000

Kankakee, Beaverville And Southern Railroad Co. 547,000

Kansas City Southern Railway Co. 12,111,000

Keokuk Unction Railway Co. 343,000

KM Railways, LLC 9,242,000

Manufacturers’ Junction Railway, LLC 292,000

Manufacturers’ Railway Co. 21,000

Norfolk Southern Railway Co. (IT Line) 185,752,000

Paducah & Illinois Railroad Co. 56,000

SOO Line Railroad Co. 33,451,000

South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Co. 366,000

Tazewell & Peoria Railroad, Inc. 1,367,000

Terminal Railroad Assoc. of St. Louis 8,113,000

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago 13,242,000

The Bloomer Line Railroad Co. 115,000

Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway Cop. 4,006,000

Transdistribution Brookfield Railroad Co. 520,000

Union Pacific Railroad Co. 676,193,000

Vandalia Railroad Co. 3,000

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. 827,000

Wisconsin Central, Ltd. 51,638,000


You may file an application for review of the above railroad assessments with the Department within 10 days of the publication date of this notice. Applications for review must be in writing and filed with the Property Tax Division, Illinois Department of  Revenue, P.O. Box 19033, Springfield, IL 6294-9033.


Provisions of the statues and the rules of practices and procedures adopted by the Department govern the preparation and filing of applications for review.


David Harris, Director

Illinois Department of Revenue


December 10, 2021

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