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CC Board Special Board Special Meeting

CC Board Special Board Special Meeting

The Christian County Board will meeting special session Monday, December 13, 2021 at 6 p.m. Agenda includes: public comments, business: present approved reapportionment plan with new proposed election precinct district boundaries, place on file with CC Clerk newly proposed boundaries, adjourn meeting until next regular board meeting on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

CC Board Executive/ Personnel Committee The Executive/Personnel committee of the Christian County Board will meet Monday, December 13, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Agenda includes public comments, EMA update, special use liquor license, non- bargaining starting salary policy, personnel issues. City of Pana

The City of Pana will meet Monday, December 13, 2021 at 7 p.m. Agenda includes: consent agenda items, Benton & Associates: change order#6 for Spillway, intake and water treatment plant project, pay authorization #17 for the spillway, intake and water treatment plant project, passage of resolution authorizing a representative to sign loan documents, reports of officers: Attorney: second presentation of an ordinance amending the city code of ordinances-video gaming, second presentation of ordinance levying taxes for municipal purposes for the City of Pana for the current fiscal year beginning of May 1, 2021 and ending April 30, 2022, first prevention of an ordinance authorizing the sale of surplus real estate at 105 W. Orange St., presentation of a resolution approving a collective bargaining agreement between city of Pana and the policemen’s benevolent labor committee for the term July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2025 and authorizing execution, 202 Park Ave. property, engineer, other officers, mayor: next December regular session council meeting is scheduled for 12/20/21 instead of 12/27/21, mowing expenses incurred by the city, derelict property demolition, community safety, community operations: motions: approve sewer adjustment on water bill for Linda Shrake at 410 S. Sheridan in amt. of $437.49 leaving balance of $844.26, approve sewer adjustment on water bill for Madelyn Lowe at 1020 Birch Ave. Lot 3 in amt. of $136.58 leaving a balance of $305.37, approve resolution for motor fuel tax maintenance for year 2022; administration: award bid for hauling of rock, motions: purchase new phone system for City Hall and Police Station from CTI in amt. of $6,186.70; fund the PAC bldg. with 20 year IEPA loan, approve ordinance and zoning officer position/job description, purchase GPS system from Seiler Geospatial in amt. of $2,685.00 for water/ waste water; purchase 14” clamps for water dept. from IMCO in amt. of $5,470.00, report of motor issue at water treatment plant; Community Support Committee, Economic Dev. and TIF Committee: rebuild downtown grant, motions: award bid for demo of 29, 31, and 31 S. Locust St. to Joe Coleman Salvage in amt. of $124,325; bid for demo at 5E. Washington, 412 S. Poplar and 509 S. Poplar to Doug Miller in amt. of $4,800.0; award bid for dumpsters for debris from demo of 5 E. Washington, 412 S.

Poplar and 509 S. Poplar to DC Waste; Negotiations, unfinished business, new business: CC Animal Control intergovernmental agreement, motion to raise the PO limit to $3,000; citizens to address council, adjourn.

Village of Kincaid

The Village of Kincaid will meet Monday, December 13, 2021 at 7 p.m. All attendees are required to wear masks. Agenda includes: approval of minutes, special guest: Mark Bingham from Chastain & Assoc., Verna Coleman and Roger Wise; attorney update, old business, discussion of meeting with Ameren about electric at lake lots, additional hours for police dept., new business, going forward on getting easements needed for water/sewer projects, purchase truck and trailer from South Fork Township, committee of the whole meetings vs. subcommittee meetings, trustees getting paid for special meetings, getting donations for playground equipment, treasurer’s report, police report, foreman’s report, zoning report, clerk’s report, visitors, president & trustees, adjourn.

Village of Edinburg

The Village of Edinburg will meet Monday, December 13, 2021 at 7 p.m. Agenda includes: minutes of 11/8, 11/29 and 12/1/21, visitors, payment of bills/ treasurer’s report, expenses reimbursement, delinquent report, legal reports: update on easements and related documents on new water line project, update of demolition of buildings on Richardson, Robison, Denton, Sneed and Gathered properties, discuss FOIA requests and law suit by Jamal Shehadah and any motions relating thereto, Village of President: motion to approve Christmas bonuses of $200 for full- time employees and $100 for part time employees, approve Tax Levy Ordinance in amount of $89,197.93; police committee: approve resignation of Jonathan Kleckner/approve repayment of his contract obligation in amount of #203.72 per month for 49 months beginning January 2022; ratify purchase of 2 pistols that will be Village owned at a cost of $1,430.00, discussion of gift from the Grace Memorial Church, water committee, sewer committee, Streets committee, gas committee, Finance/Employee relations, Cable tv, annexation committee, old business, new business, adjourn.
CC Board Highway, Buildings, Grounds, Environmental, Zoning and Welfare Committee

The Highway, Buildings, Grounds, Environmental, Zoning and Welfare Committee of the Christian County Board will meet Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Agenda

surplus property, bid opening part of parcel #12- 10-34-100-001-00, solid waste business, highway business, annual MFT maintenance resolution R2021HY025, MFT retirement fund resolution R2021HY026, MFT County Engineer Salary Resolution purchase pickups, fuel bids for 2022, Animal Control/ Zoning business, cat room building bids, recommended change to animal control ordinance, old truck, courthouse and building business, cost related to work to level floor, adjourn.

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