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Co-County Youth Volleyball

STONINGTON — The Co- County Youth Volleyball organized their final “End of the Year’ tournament last. The games showcased a wide variety of ages from kindergarten to 6th grade. The organization had around 200 kids from the area participate in the tournament spanning last weekend, December 4th and 5th.

The Co-County Youth Volleyball, formerly known as the Christian County Youth Volleyball, started in Mt. Auburn in 2017 and was founded by Julie Solliday who is now the event organizer. They have expanded to five locations into four surrounding county areas with the newest one being Nokomis. They are all over Central Illinois already and always looking to expand. Participants include Taylorville, Central A&M, Meridian, Sangamon Valley, Pana, Edinburg and Maroa Forsyth.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the parent support and word of mouth. Our community is such a great support when it comes to youth sports and we are all excited to see what the future holds for these players.” Solliday states. “We have some very well rounded players and each season. I try to emphasize other social and community skills with the players, not just the sport of volleyball.”

The CCYVB is also heavily involved in their respected communities including volunteering at the historical Society, Christmas in the Park at Manners Park and giving parts of the admission table to various events. They also have a scholarship which they provide to their oldest members. In 2021 some of

the scholarship recipients include Summer Brandis, Hailey Chitwood and Abby Heberling. The organization grows with age so when the players reach Grade Six they are finished but can continue as a junior coach if desired. The young volleyball players love playing for the older ones as they look up to them for guidance and mentorship. The CCYVB organization, is going on year round but only have games and tournaments in the fall with registrations held every January. They are always looking for more players to be apart of their many teams and hope to keep growing in 2022.

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