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THS Bowlers defeats Pana and Hoopeston

Lucas Domonousky Breeze-Courier Sports Writer

The Taylorville Bowling teams held a duel home match at the Olde Bowl on December 14th. The Tornado girls battled it out against the Pana Panthers. A few lanes away the boys took on Hoopeston. Both teams got the victory on the Monday night bowling match. The final score of the girls match, 2082-1878. The boys, who also secured a victory of their own, won by a total of 2741-2474 against the Cornjerkers.

THS Boys: 2741

Justin Champley: 470

Jordan Fabian: 519

Sam Puffenberger: 466

Cameron Alberts: 661

Jack McGrath: 625

Hoopeston Boys: 2474

Cameron Zorn: 496

Gavyn Miller: 513

Ethan Harding: 478

Bryson Brewer: 541

Jacob Rush: 446

THS Girls: 2082

Vivian Rogers: 239

Macie Johnson: 234

Addison Vocks: 413

Kylie Callaway: 246

Gabby Kelm: 451

Emma Eyer: 331

Amie Dye: 114

Pana Girls: 1878 A: 328

B: 394

C: 416

D: 323

E: 417

(No names of Pana participants were provided)

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