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World Almanac

Today is the 358th day of 2021 and the fourth day of winter.

TODAY’S HISTORY: In 1943, Gen. Dwight D. Eisen- hower was appointed supreme Allied commander.

In 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 became the first hu- mans to orbit the moon.

In 1973, Congress passed legislation allowing res- idents of Washington, D.C., to elect a mayor and council with limited authority.

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush pardoned former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and five others associated with the Iran-Contra scandal.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Kit Carson (1809-1868), Army scout/frontiersman; Matthew Arnold (1822- 1888), poet/critic; Howard Hughes (1905-1976), businessman/aviator/film producer; Ava Gardner (1922-1990), actress; Mary Higgins Clark (1927- 2020), author; Robert Joffrey (1930-1988), dancer/ choreographer; Lee Daniels (1959- ), filmmaker; Kate Spade (1962-2018), fashion designer; Stephe- nie Meyer (1973- ), author; Ryan Seacrest (1974- ), TV/radio personality.

TODAY’S FACT: Kit Carson left his apprenticeship as a saddle and harness maker to join a wagon train headed west when he was 15 years old.

TODAY’S SPORTS: In 1950, the Cleveland Browns won the NFL championship by defeating the Los An- geles Rams, 30-28, when Lou “The Toe” Groza kicked a field goal with 20 seconds left.

TODAY’S QUOTE: “Here’s the thing: I think the media underestimates the intelligence of the mov- iegoer. We need to be fulfilled. People want to sit down and think, and I try to make people think.” — Lee Daniels

TODAY’S NUMBER: 34 — years after his death in 1976 that the estimated $2 billion estate of Howard Hughes, who died without a valid will, was finally settled.

TODAY’S MOON: Between full moon (Dec. 18) and last quarter moon (Dec. 26).

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