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Public Notice: Old American Zinc Draft Restoration Plan




The Old American Zinc Draft Restoration Plan has been prepared by the State of Illinois’ Natural Resource Trustees to address restoration of natural resources that were injured as a result of historic releases associated with the Old American Zinc facility.  Impacted habitats include wetlands, streams, other water bodies, riparian corridors, and surrounding uplands. Natural resources in the area include groundwater, surface water, soil, aquatic life, and vegetation. This draft restoration plan describes the incident, including the release, injuries to natural resources, description of the legal process and the proposal to restore natural resources to compensate for the injuries. This draft restoration plan is the first phase of a two-phase restoration effort.  The Phase I focus is reestablishing colonies of endangered and threatened egrets and herons.  Another restoration plan will be drafted to address additional restoration opportunities.  The document is available for a 30-day public comment period from Jan 17th – Feb 16th, 2022.  Copies can be accessed at the Fairmont City Library Center at 4444 Collinsville Rd, Fairmont City, IL 62201 ; online at; or by written request to Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Contaminant Assessment Section, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, Illinois 62702-1271, Attention: Carson McNamara.



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