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Christian Co. Coroner’s Office releases 2021 statistics

(CHRISTIAN COUNTY) — Christian County Coroner Amy Winans reported 2021 saw an increase in the number of cases handled by the Christian County Coroner’s Office in 2021. The total number jumped by 34 cases.

“The year 2021 was a challenging year for our office,” Winans said. “Our call volume was the highest its ever been since I was elected in 2004.”

Winans reported a total of 383 deaths were reported to her office in 2021. This is 34 more than 2020, when 349 were reported. And, as a consequence, the number of autopsies also increased, with 24 in 2021.

“We are seeing more people dying in their homes who are not under a doctor’s care, or have not been to a doctor lately,” the coroner said.

She also noted the number of cremation permits continued to grow. In 2021, 211 permits were issued, compared to 184 in 2020.

Winans also noted the number of accidental deaths was at an all-time high.

Following is a breakdown of the numbers for the past three years:

                   ’21 ’20 ’19

Deaths     383  349  339


Deaths      352  332   320
Accidental  22   13    8
Suicide        7      4      9
Homicide    1       0      1
Undetermined 1   0    1
Cremations     211  184   156



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