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Public Notice


The Douglas County Highway Department has applied for an incidental take authorization regarding Illinois State-endangered mussel species – Purple Lilliput (Toxolasma lividum). The application is based upon potential impacts resulting from in-stream work associated with proposed bridge carrying TR 218 (760N) over Brushy Fork 4 miles southwest of Newman, Douglas County, Illinois.

  • The mailing address of the Douglas County Highway Department is 200 S. Prairie, Tuscola, IL

61953, Attn: James Crane, County Engineer.

  • The project construction area is located on TR 218 (760N) over Brushy Fork 4 miles southwest of

Newman, Douglas County, Illinois; more specifically located at Township 15 North, Range 10 East,

NW/4, Section 11, 3rd Principal Meridian.

  • Construction activities associated with proposed improvements within the stream will be limited to

County ROW; the proposed improvement area being approximately 1.50 acres.  Temporary

impacts may occur within the 1.50 acres with permanent impacts from construction activities being

approximately 0.10 acres. Douglas County has minimized the impact footprint within the species

aquatic habitat to the extent possible; the estimated suitable mussel habitat within the project

footprint is approximately 0.02 acres along both stream banks.

  • The proposed project consists of replacing the existing six span bridge over Brushy Fork with a

new three span bridge structure. The construction activity to replace the bridge may take an

undetermined amount of the Purple Lilliput mussel.  The mussel may be impacted by construction

activities in the stream, which is to include removal of the existing bridge piers and the grading and

placement of riprap on the stream banks.

  • Measures to be taken to minimize impacts to the mussel include:
  • Erosion and sediment control measures will be utilized during construction to minimize impacts

to the stream habitat and to minimize sedimentation in the stream.

  • Siltation during all phases of construction will be minimized through use of proper soil erosion

and sediment control measures such as floating silt fences to prevent sediment from entering

the stream. The Resident Engineer (RE), acting as the county’s representative, will inspect and

ensure maintenance of all silt fences, silt curtains, and other erosion control structures. If site

inspections show that measures in place are not functioning or are not adequate, different

or additional measures will be added. If unforeseen observations or events pertaining to listed

species are identified during construction, IDNR will be contacted.

  • During on-site work, The Resident Engineer (RE), acting as the county’s representative, will

conduct daily inspections of the erosion and sediment control practices to ensure proper

working order and maintenance. Additional inspections will be made immediately prior to and

following events of heavy rain. If eroded soil is observed leaving the limits of construction,

additional soil conserving practices will be installed, or measures taken to minimize soil erosion.

  • The mitigation amount specified in the Conservation Plan will be paid to the Wildlife

Preservation Fund.

  • A copy of the Conservation Plan is available for review at the Tuscola Public Library, 112 E Sale

Street, Tuscola, Illinois 61953. A copy of the Conservation Plan is also available online at:


Incidental take Authorization 231


  • Comments should be directed to:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Office of Resource Conservation

Incidental Take Authorization Coordinator

One Natural Resources Way

Springfield, IL 62702


  • The comment period closes 30 days after the final publication of this notice.


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