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Winter storm moves out of Illinois, cleanup continues

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Transportation announced that while a major winter storm has moved on and snow is no longer falling, removal and cleanup efforts will continue for the next few days.

The public is urged to stay on the alert, watch for plows and emergency vehicles, slow down and expect blowing and drifting snow, combined with falling temperatures, potentially creating scattered slick spots.

Since Tuesday, many parts of Illinois have seen more than a foot of snow, with up to 8 inches and significant ice accumulation south of Interstate 70.

Snow-and-ice removal will continue on interstates and state routes, with cleanup efforts lasting into the weekend, focusing on areas such as shoulders, ramps, bridges, turning lanes and intersections. Blowing and drifting snow is expected to persist, with subzero temperatures overnight limiting the effectiveness of salt and other materials to treat roads. Intersections, ramps, elevated structures and shaded areas all are susceptible to icing.

If you encounter a plow or any maintenance or police vehicle during your travels, please slow down, increase your driving distance and remain patient. Do not crowd the plow – the restricted field of vision might mean you can see the driver, but the driver cannot see you.

Gov. JB Pritzker this week issued a disaster declaration and activated approximately 130 members of the Illinois National Guard to ensure all state resources were available to deal with the extreme weather. Throughout the week, IDOT has deployed an estimated 1,800 trucks and equipment to plow, treat roads and respond to emergencies.

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