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Taylorville has new City Treasurer

Lucas Domonousky

Breeze-Courier Writer The Taylorville City Council met Monday evening in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building and they were witness to the swearing in of a new City Treasurer, Valerie Marsaglia Miles. She was sworn in after the council

approved her appointment. This came on the heels of accepting the resignation of Kellie Hamel’s as treasurer. She was then reinstated to the position of Manager of the

Water Office.
“There is no doubt you will do an exceptional job.” Alderman Larry Budd commented after Miles took oath.

Mayor Bruce Barry and the alderman approved many items presented to them, including the second grant to split the bike trail (50/50 between Pana and Taylorville). There is an additional $10,000 to update the bridge replacement plans and each city is paying $5,000.

During the meeting the newest member of the Taylorville Fire Department, Dylan Goldsmith, was sworn in. Goldsmith worked as a volunteer for 8 years.

“What a dream come true.” said Goldsmith who was sworn in with the help from his wife, Kelsey.

Four Business Development Agreements and one amendment were executed. Mayor Barry was approved and directed to sign a Change Order for road improvements to East Main Cross.

It was reported the Taylorville Municipal Building is getting a replacement roof.

City Attorney Rocci Romano and Mayor Barry gave their individual updates. Romano gave updated on the lawsuits postponed due to the courthouse being closed last Thursday and mentions a couple liquor licensing issues.

Mayor Barry congratulated both Goldsmith and Miles on taking their oath of office and had nothing but “thank you’s” to give to everyone who helped and are still helping clean up the mess the terrible snow last week had brought. Everyone from every branch of the city’s departments to citizens who just own a shovel.

Finances, Public Facilities and Street and Sewer motions were passed with unanimous votes. From a an acceptance of the Tresurer’s report, installation of four radios in the trucks of the street and sewer departments and approvement and/or ratification of $467,889.67 worth of bills.

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