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Chelsea Clinton to launch children’s book series this fall

NEW YORK (AP) — Chelsea Clinton has a lot of publishing plans —forherownbooks, andforbooksbyothers.

ThePenguinYoung ReadersimprintPhilomel Books announced FridaythatClintonhas

a new picture story, “Welcome to the Big
Kids Club: What Every Older Sibling Needs to Know!”, coming Sept. 13. The book is illustrated by Tania de Regil.

Atthesametime,she willlaunchandprovide introductions for a nonfiction chapter book series for kids ages 6-9, “Save The …”, about animal conservation.

“’WelcometotheBig Kids Club’ is a reflection of conversations I’ve had with my kids and so many other kids about what
it means to have a baby inthefamily,”Clinton, the mother of three, saidinastatement.

“Icouldn’tbemore excited about this book and the newest ‘Save The’ series. My hope

is that young readers
and their families will enjoyandlearnasmuch fromthebooksinthis seriesasIhave,whether
frogs or more animals
if we don’t all work
together to save them.”

The “Save The” series will begin in September with three books: Sarah L. Thompson’s “Save the … Elephants,” Christine Taylor-Butler’s“Save the…Tigers”andAnita Sanchez’s “Save the
… Whale Sharks.”

Clinton, the daughter
of former President
Bill Clinton and former SecretaryofStateHillary Clinton, has previously written such bestsellers as “She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World” and “ShePersistedAround
the World: 13 Women WhoChangedHistory.” Shehasapicturebook coming out March 1, “She Persisted in Science:

Brilliant Women Who Made a Difference,” with illustrations by AlexandraBolger.

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