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How to incorporate tech into a farming business

The agricultural industry long has been a vital part of society, providing foods for billions of people across the globe. Farming can be a challenging profession, and farmers routinely find creative solutions to overcome obsticles to effective production. Thanks to technology, finding solutions has become that much easier.

Yet not every farmer who is set in his or her ways is ready to welcome changes that incorporate technology right away. In fact, reluctance to turn over operations in some part to artificial intelligence or smart technologies could be due in part to farming being such a nuanced skill and the role intuition plays in the growth of crops. The following are some ways for seasoned and novice farmers to seamlessly incorporate technology into their operations.

Start with peripheral tech

Farmers can begin implementing technology that does not directly relate to farming operations. Examples include switching to efficient and intuitive accounting and payroll systems to save time. If a farm also includes a retail enterprise, such as a farmers market, upgrading point-of-sale technology, like credit card readers or e-commerce websites for new revenue potential, can be good a good starting point.

Assess operation weaknesses

Figure out where the business is lacking and could use some help. Perhaps you’re having difficulty maintaining adequate irrigation or plant nutrition is compromised due to soil deficits? Precision automation farming advancements that employ remote sensors can assess conditions and fine tune adjustments to alleviate these issues.

Get training

Novel technologies can increase crop yield and make for more efficient use of limited resources. However, people who may never have employed drones, IoT devices or

soil sensors can expect a learning curve. Visiting a nearby farm operation to learn how they have implemented technology and gaining hands- on experience can be invaluable. In addition, request that a tech vendor provide thorough instruction on products to make it easier to seamlessly integrate new technology into an agriculture business.

Tap into workforce talent

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says agriculture and food production accounts for 28 percent of the entire global workforce.

There are more than 570 million smallholder farms worldwide. Technology can be utilized by agricultural businesses to zero in on intelligent and qualified employees who can take operations to the next level. Websites like Glassdoor, Indeed and ZipRecruiter remain helpful tools when looking for qualified job candidates. The internet is an essential employment resource, and farms can utilize it to acquire new hires.

Agricultural businesses can explore various ways to gradually and seamlessly make technology part of their operations.

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