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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I realized that when budgets were being done for the Public Health Department the same thing happened as last night. The decision to hold a meeting when they knew
it was too late to change pay raises for the employee’s. So they Voted to accept the budget as it was otherwise the Employee’s would not get a pay check on the next pay date. Their poor planning turned into Employee’s lost and the budget benefited because no one got a pay change (even a person who took on another full time position with it’s own job title, and a Grant Program part-time. Which left her
with a small raise for her first full-time position and she
is expected to continue to do the full-time and part-time position duties until the next budget?) Now Employee’s and Elected Official (I assume) are to suffer with the high cost of Health Insurance for themselves and our State’s Attorney cannot even afford family dependent coverage for his own family? Why? Because they held the Finance Committee Meeting too late to make any changes! Now we are set up with legal implications of these poor actions. A Public Health Board Member told the Employee’s at the Public Health Department that as Government Employee’s we should EXPECT to be UNDERPAID,


This is unacceptable to me. This is why I am running as a Write In Candidate for Bear Creek Township, District 4. I am willing to stand up to these County Officials with this attitude who cannot appreciate the work being done by County Employee’s. I call myself Independent because I Vote for the PERSON I feel who is most Qualified to Represent what I stand for, and from what

I see and hear from this County Board they do not meet my standards or my integrity levels of expectations. The media has got to be at this meetings to hold our Elected Officials in line. Yes, they do Table Items so they don’t have to talk in front of the Media, but they will have to Talk sometime and hopefully local Media will be there for the coverage so the Residents of Christian County know what is going on with their Tax Dollars and their Elected Officials.

Kent E. DeLay, Palmer I was super-annoyed this morning to hear about a shortage of contrast dye for CT scans. A GE Healthcare plant in Shanghai China produces most of the dye used in the US. That plant has been closed for several weeks due to a Covid lockdown. A radiologist on a news show said that she hoped this shortage would be a wake-up call to return manufacturing to the U.S. The host quipped that we have had numerous wake-up calls – especially these past two years, and we keep hitting the snooze button. When factories closed in the U.S. and manufacturing was offshored, middle class workers lost jobs and consumers were made vulnerable to hostile regimes around the
world for vital consumer goods. Why do we keep doing this? Why can’t GE Healthcare make contrast dye domestically? Why not in Illinois? Illinois used to be a manufacturing powerhouse. I think it could be again. Our state is centrally located, and it has access to rivers, the Great Lakes and an extensive rail network. Our natural advantages are the reason this state was originally settled.

Governor Pritzker and state senators and representatives: Don’t wait for the next critical shortage. Instead of spending energy on making Illinois an abortion destination, work hard (start by calling GE Healthcare!) to make Illinois a manufacturing destination. Mary E. DelValle, Taylorville Area farmers and landowners have been talking about the Heartland Greenway project for the storage of CO2 in Christian County for several months now. It’s time all county residents get an understanding of what this means to all of us. The proposed project involves the construction of a 1300-mile-long pipeline to bring industrial waste, in the form of highly pressurized CO2, from ethanol plants in 5 states and pump it under the productive farm ground of Christian County, just north of Taylorville. Heartland Greenway advertises that they working hard locally to provide a project that “leads to a prosperous future for Christian County.” However, there is really nothing in this project to prosper Christian County. However, there are multiple short-term and long-term risks. Risks to water, risks to the productivity of farm ground and most importantly, risks to the health and lives of people near this pipeline and storage area. The county will collect some fees but the project doesn’t pay taxes that would benefit the county.. The project doesn’t provide jobs or products that we need. It’s not really even a solution to climate concerns as the carbon emissions involved in building and using the pipeline largely offset that which is being stored. The bottom line is this: the Heartland Greenway CO2 sequestration project is a grab for federal tax dollars (which, of course, come out of your and my pocket) while leaving the residents of Christian County to deal with the risks for years and years to come.

Karen Brockelsby, Edinburg

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