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Cass County Solar Project LLC

Public Notice


Pursuant to Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 1080 of the Illinois Administrative Code, notice is hereby given that Cass County Solar Project, LLC, having a mailing address of 422 Admiral Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64106 has submitted a Conservation Plan to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to apply for authorization for the taking of the Illinois chorus frog (“ICF”; Pseudocris illinoensis), the ornate box turtle (“OBT”; Terropene ornate), and the hog-nosed snake (“PHNS”; Heterodon nosicus) incidental to the Cass County Solar Project (the “Project”).

The Project is located in Cass County, Illinois within Beardstown Township and Hagener Township, southwest of the City of Beardstown, in Cass County, Illinois along southbound U.S. Highway 67 and Berger Lane in Sections 28, 29, 30, and 31 of Township 18N Range 12W, and Section 5 and 6 of Township 17N, Range 12W.  The Project area consists of 2,382 acres situated on agricultural land, located east of the Illinois River.  The Project is bordered to the west and north by Beardstown Drainage Road, to the south by Berger Lane, and to the east by U.S. Highway 67.  (See attached map).

The Project consists of a 150-MW AC ground-mounted solar energy facility, which includes photovoltaic (“PV”) solar panels that will be mounted on single-axis tracking system with a 60+/- degree tilt, along with associated infrastructure of above-ground low voltage cable management system, electric inverters, and transformers, underground electrical collection system, electrical collector substation, overhead transmission line, point of interconnection switchyard, an operations and maintenance building, battery storage, solar met stations, supervisory control and data acquisition hardware, control house for protective relay panels and site controllers, private access roads with gated ingress/egress points, security fencing and  any associated facilities. Take of ICF, OBT and PHNS may result during the Project construction, operation, and decommissioning. ICF, OBT and PHNS is protected under the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act (520 ILCS 10) and is known to occur within the vicinity of the Project.

In order to minimize and mitigate for the take of ICF, OBT and PHNS, incidental to the Project, wetlands will be avoided, a biological monitor will be present during construction, and post-construction monitoring will be completed. Additional minimization and mitigation measures are detailed in the Project Conservation Plan.

A copy of the Project Conservation Plan is available for inspection by the Public at the following location(s): Beardstown Houston Public Library

13 Boulevard Road

Beardstown, IL 62618

The Conservation Plan is also available on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Incidental Take Authorization website, accessed at (ITA #240)

Comments pertaining to the conservation plan should be sent to:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Resource Conservation, Incidental Take Authorization Coordinator, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702

OR may be emailed to

Comments will be accepted through July 11, 2022.



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