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Edinburg art students on field trip to Chicago Art Institute

CHICAGO — Edinburg Art students and their teacher (Ms. Karen Skinner) traveled to Chicago to visit the Art Institute and Museum this past Monday, May 16th as part of their art education. Leaving Edinburg at 7:30 am and arriving at the Institute at 11:30 am (with a short break at “Wallys” in Pontiac), Ms. Skinner guided them through the “Arts of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Worlds, as well as the Arts of the Americas. At 1:00 pm everyone realized they were hungry, so they walked three blocks to one of the famous Chicago pizza joints, Rosati’s. After an excellent pizza for some and fine salad for others, all returned to the Institute. Ms. Skinner proceeded to guide the students through the “Arts of Asia” and “Japanese Prints” and “Arts of Africa.” From there she brought the students to see the “Photography” collection.

To complete the afternoon Ms. Skinner progressed from the “European Art of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods” and the “Impressionism” and finally “Contemporary” Art. This is the first year Edinburg has offered Art as a course in several years, and it is pleased that this field trip was sponsored in memory of former Edinburg reading aide, Mrs. JoAnne Tylman. Pictured in front of the famous Georgia O’Keefe painting (Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965) are: the Edinburg Art Instructor, Ms. Karen Skinner and some of her students (Emilee Boyd, Ryleigh Davidson, Kaylie Ferguson, Willow Saunders, Taylor Hinds, and Oliver Hill.

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