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IDNR Office of Mines & Minerals Notice



Pursuant to Title IV of the Surface Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, 30 USC 201 et seq., the Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation Division of the Dept. of Natural Resources is requesting funding from the federal Office of Surface Mining for administrative expenses and construction funding for emergency and non-emergency reclamation projects which are necessary to protect the public health safety, and general welfare from the adverse effects of past coal mining practices by abating the hazardous and environmental conditions occurring at the following sites:


Spring Valley Coal Company #1 Bureau

Peabody Coal Company #10 Christian

Ward Mine Franklin

Buwick Property Fulton

Waterlilly Fulton

Wee-Ma-Tuk Hills Fulton

National Mining Company Gallatin

Lake Tandem Grundy

Will County C.C.-Scout Camp Berm Grundy

Burning Star No. 1 Jackson

Hook & Bullet Club Knox

Midland Mecco North Knox

Round House Dam Knox

Sanchez Property Knox

Freeman Coal Company Crown #1 (remedial) Montgomery

Conant Coal Company Perry

Fidelity No. 11 – Vancil Perry

Lemon & McElvey Mine Randolph

Randolph County Line Road Sag – 2019 Randolph

Ledford Strip Mine Group Saline

Haydite Mine (Non-coal) St. Clair

Southern Coal, Coke & Mng. Washer St. Clair

St. Louis & O’Fallon #2 St.Clair

Novy Road Highwall Will

Blue Bird – Turner Coal Company Williamson

Carterville Mining and Engineering Williamson

Delta Collieries North Revision 2016 – PH IV Williamson

Delta Collieries Tecumseh – East Williamson

Delta Collieries Tecumseh Williamson

Hafer Washed Coal Company Williamson

Old Ben Coal Company No. 18 Williamson

Polinski Coal Company Williamson

T.G. Wardin Sunnyside Mine Group Williamson


Copies of the pending grant application and environmental narratives describing the proposed projects included in this grant application can be reviewed at the administrative offices located at One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, Illinois 62702. Comments and inquiries should be addressed to the above Springfield address. ATTN: Lance Range.


6/3, 6/5, 2022

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