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Meeting Notices

Pana City Council

The Pana City Council will meet June 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. Agenda items include: Approval of minutes of previous meetings; payrolls; disbursements; Benton and Associates pay authorization #18 for the spillway, intake and water treatment plan project in the amount of $18,500.16; reports of officers, including attorney (presentations of “A Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Real Estate – 108 N. Michaels Street,” “A Resolution Adopting Quality Based Selection for Engineering Agreements,” and “An Ordinance Vacating and Alley in the City of Pana, Illinois – Running North and South Between West Mulberry Street and West Magnolia Street”), engineer, economic development director (TIF assistance to the Community Mission Center in the amount of $5,000 to be used for new flooring), clerk, treasurer, and mayor (ARPA NEU Budget proposal); reports of committees, including Community Safety (motions to allow Taxi Cab, Call-a-Cab, to operate in City and to approve Kadan Moon as an Auxiliary Firefighter), Community Operations (motions to approve request by Steve Sipes for an oversize Lake Lot at C8 with double fee of $700 (8,376 square feet), to approve request by George Peters for an oversize Lake Lot at H16.5 with double fee of $700 (11,820 square feet), to approve permit for a boat lift at Lake Lot C18, Dave Slater, to approve boat dock permit for Joshua Ishmael at Lake Lot H17C, and to approve boat dock permit for Jim Harbert at Lake Lot A72), Administration (motions to set pool manager salary at $14 per hour, to purchase DEF fluid from FS in the amount of $1,623.75, to transition payroll to direct deposit, and to purchase two electronic radar speed signs in the amount of $8,000 with signs to be placed on Rt. 51 South by Kitchell Park and Rt. 29 north of Bear Creek, and to sell city owned surplus property), Community Support, and Economic Development and Tax Increment Financing; negotiations; unfinished business; new business; and citizens opportunity to address the Council, including Katie McKenna on ODAT Recovery Solutions 5K.

Village of Edinburg

The Village of Edinburg will meet Monday, June 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the Edinburg Village Hall. Agenda includes: approval of minutes form 5/9/22, 6/1/22 and 6/6/22; visitors, payment of bills/ Treasurer’s report, expenses reimbursement, delinquent report, legal reports: update on easements and related documents on new water line project with subject property owners and any motions relating thereto, discussion of FOIA requests and law suit, status of Pope demolition agreement of any motions relating thereto, discussion of cannabis ordinance, status of Officer Kleckner’s return to work agreement, village president: updates, motion to approve resolution 2022-01 opposing construction of C02 Pipeline in Buckart Township because CO2 Pipelines are a threat to the health and safety of all residents of Edinburg and Buckhart Township, motion to raise monthly clean-up fee from $.50 to $1.00 per month, discussion of possible candidates for the open Trustee position; Police Committee updates, water committee: superintendent’s monthly report, motion to approve purchase of new flow meter at cost of $3,525.00; Sewer Committee updates, Streets Committee: Superintendents monthly report, discussion/motion to approve application from Dan Swinson to replace stairs from the road to the sidewalk at 204 W. Franklin, Gas Committee updates, Finance/ Employee Relations, Cable TV, annexation committee, old and new business, adjourn.

Village of Kincaid

The Village of Kincaid will meet Monday, June 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. Agenda includes: visitors – Mark Bingham – Chastain and Associates., new business, Purchasing drum of mosquito spray, Passage of Ordinance for Authorizing Expenditures Pending Passage of the Annual Appropriation Ordinance, Approval of 3 year Audit contract, Selling of equipment, Discussion of renaming Village Streets in honor of residents that turn 100 years old, Purchase evidence locker, Old Business: Approval of Union contract, Hiring employee for Street Dept., Naming lake road at Kincaid Lake, Renaming Mine Street, Solar panel permit, Approval of electricity at lake, Closed session, President’s Report and Comments, Trustee’s Reports and Comments, Adjournment.


Christian County Water Reclamation District will have a board meeting June 13, 2022 at 4:15 P.M. at the Taylorville Wastewater Plant located at 1058 Langleyville Road. Agenda items include: Approval of the May 2022 meeting minutes and bills; public comments and questions; correspondence; new business, including construction account, WP- 327 proficiency testing pH acceptable, Hanna successfully completed accounting and business management classes and Five Oaks Extension Agreement; treasurer’s report; monthly financial report; old business, including Crawford, Murphy and Tilly report, WWTP improvements, SRF loan status, safety/ environmental/maintenance, safety updates regarding laboratory chemical hygiene plan and preventing heat stress and heat exhaustion, and maintenance regarding Vandevanter preventive maintenance contract and proposal for replacing guide pipe on two pumps at RAS station; operations and miscellaneous (no violations for the month of May, two CSO discharge during the month of May, 93 MG treated for May, 1.8 MG CSO treated for May); Pulley & Martynowski on CPA’s; Atteberry report on Taylorville township litigations; executive session; and, finally, any other matters that may properly come before this Board.

Village of Morrisonville

The Village of Morrisonville will hold their regular meeting Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 7 p.m. Agenda includes: engineers report, water/ sewer report, supervisor report, police report, new business: Vandevanter Proposal#OP-552145, Sensor cable, %6359.78 and contract proposal #OP-552718, $4601.00 annual inspection, 2 inspections per year, 1st $4601.00, 2nd $4,551.00; old business – committee meeting/police department, legal report, sales/MFT report: $5689.90 sales/$2050.32/ MFT, $1493.22/MFT, $36.78/INT – Total $3580.32; committee reports, closed session, Omnibus list: approve 5/18/22 and 5/26/22 meetings, minutes, treasury report, pay all properly signed bills to include BCBS for $2332.99 and Country Companies for $527.02; hearing from public, any and all matters that come before the board, adjourn.

City of Taylorville Finance and Ordinance Committees

The City of Taylorville Finance Committee will meet Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building. Agenda includes: property/liability/auto insurance renewal, police/ fire administration salaries, department budget updates, portable toilets for special events on the square, American Tower proposal, Treasurer’s report, public comments, adjourn. The Ordinance Committee will meet immediately following. Agenda for that committee meeting includes: residential solar requirements, pavement requirements, non-bargaining salary calculations, HBO update, public comments, adjourn.

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