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Moraine Sands ITA Public Notice

Moraine Sands ITA Public Notice


Moraine Sands Wind Power, LLC (hereafter Moraine Sands) has applied for an Incidental Take Authorization with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) for the Illinois chorus frog (Pseudacris illinoensis), a threatened species in the state of Illinois, in relation to the construction of the Moraine Sands Wind Project. The project is located in Mason County, Illinois and is bordered by Illinois Route 10 to the north, with Illinois Route 29 intersecting the eastern portion of the project. All proposed project infrastructure will be located south of Illinois Route 10.

The mailing address for Moraine Sands is:

Moraine Sands Wind Power, LLC

c/o Cordelio Power

65 Queen St W #605, Toronto, ON

M5H 2M5

Ground disturbance associated with excavation, grading, and compaction of the soil during project construction may adversely impact (e.g., direct mortality) Illinois chorus frogs while they reside within underground burrows between April and February. Illinois chorus frog mortality may also occur as a result of construction vehicle traffic during the breeding season (February to April) as adult frogs emerge from underground burrows and make overland movements to congregate at breeding ponds. Moraine Sands is requesting authorization for incidental take of up to 50 Illinois chorus frogs during the construction of this project.

Moraine Sands has prepared a Conservation Plan for public review. The plan outlines the measures taken to avoid and minimize the effects of project construction on Illinois chorus frogs. Measures include:

  1. Project design minimized impacts to Illinois chorus frog habitat.
  2. Worker environmental awareness training for all construction workers on identification of Illinois chorus frog and

avoidance and minimization measures prior to starting work.

  1. An on-site biological monitor to inspect silt fencing and excavations within Illinois chorus frog habitat and document

compliance to mitigation measures for work that occurs February 1–April 30.

  1. Soil decompaction to a depth of approximately 18 inches to restore soil conditions along crane paths.
  2. Moraine Sands will provide compensatory mitigation to the IDNR for temporary and permanent impacts to Illinois chorus


  1. Completion of two years of post-construction surveys of Illinois chorus frogs at the project.

A copy of the conservation plan can be found at the following locations:

Mason City Public Library

820 West Chestnut St.

Mason City, IL 62664


Or online at

(Reference ITA #244)


Comments on the Conservation Plan should be directed to:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Office of Resource Conservation

Incidental Take Authorization Coordinator

One Natural Resources Way

Springfield, IL 62702


Or to:


This notice is being published in the Breeze Courier on June 14, 2022 and four times in the Banner Times, starting on June 14, 2022. The comment period closes 30 days after the final publication of this notice in the Banner Times. Final publication is scheduled for July 5, 2022. The deadline for receipt of comments is August 4, 2022.


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