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Lakeshore Morning Ladies’ Golf League

TAYLORVILLE — The Tuesday Morning Ladies League met at Lakeshore for their June 21 outing. The Game of the Week on this day was “Par 4s Only”. 

A Flight saw Sarah Marsaglia and Sue Reiss. Flight B was Dorothy Mayer and Joyce Wilcox. In C Flight we have Chris Wright and Lita Lancaster. 

Nancy Montgomery snagged the Low Gross and the Low Net. 

Wednesday A.M. Ladies’ Golf League

For the Wednesday A.M. Ladies’ Golf League the Game of the Week happened to be “Low Net Plus Putts”. 

Two of the ladies shared the first place spot, Kim DeMichiel and Carol Ketz. In second was Sheryl Brascke and rounding out the day was Julie Eggerman. 

Carol Ketz also grabbed the Low Net on the day whereas Carla Black collected the Low Gross and the only Birdie at #18.   

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