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Forest Preserve District of Kane County Public Notice



Pursuant to Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 1080 of the Illinois Administrative Code, notice is hereby given that The Forest Preserve District of Kane County, of 1996 S. Kirk Rd., Suite 320, Geneva, IL 60134, has submitted a Conservation Plan to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to apply for authorization for the taking of the Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) incidental to the Pingree Grove Wetland Bird Habitat Enhancement Project.


The project is located in Kane County Illinois. The project site is Pingree Grove Forest Preserve. The project site is located at 14N187 US Route 20, approximately 1.8 miles East of the intersection of Route 47 and Route 20. The project area is North of Route 20 and South of the Canadian Pacific railroad.  (See attached map).


The project consists of creating up to 6.5 acres of wetland scrapes to enhance habitat for wetland birds across 5 locations within a 110.2 acre marsh. The scrapes will be created using amphibious or long-reach excavators. The maximum depth of the excavations will be 3 feet. Spoil excavated from the wetland scrapes will be transported to designated spoil respread areas in upland locations within the project site. A small rock riffle will be created to stabilize an inflow from under Route 20. Take of Blanding’s Turtle(s) may result during the Project as a result of this work. The Blanding’s Turtle is protected under the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act (520 ILCS 10) and is known to occur within the vicinity of the Project.


In order to minimize and mitigate for the take of Blanding’s Turtle incidental to the Pingree Grove Wetland Bird Habitat Enhancement Project, enhancements will be located away from areas of high turtle use, project timing will prevent impacts to nesting and overwintering turtles, and exclusionary fencing will be used to prevent turtles from entering high-risk access corridors. Monitoring of the local Blanding’s Turtle population has been conducted prior to the project and will continue for several years following project completion. Contractors will be provided with a handout to aid in identifying the Blanding’s Turtle should they be encountered.


A copy of the Project Conservation Plan is available for inspection by the Public at the Geneva Public Library, at 227 S 7th St, Geneva, IL 60134.


The Conservation Plan is also available on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Incidental Take Authorization website, accessed at (ITA #248).


Comments pertaining to the conservation plan should be sent:


via email to




Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Resource Conservation, Incidental Take Authorization Coordinator, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702


Public comments will be accepted through August 18, 2022.



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