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Lakeshore Morning Ladies’ League Results

TAYLORVILLE — The Tuesday Morning Ladies League met at Lakeshore Golf Course on June 28. The Game of the Week: Lowest Rummy Hand. 

A Flight saw Sarah Marsaglia and Joyce Wilcox. B Flight had Marilyn Remmert and Helen Summers while C Flight showcased Lita Lancaster and Chris Wright. 

Two golfers notched the Low Gross for the day, Sarah Marsaglia and Nancy Montgomery. The Low Net was also reached by Montgomery. 

Wednesday A.M. Golf League

The Ladies League went right back to Lakeshore on Wednesday, June 29. The Game of the Week: “Play Day – Color Blind”. 

Carla Black grabbed the top spot. Behind her were Peggy Johnson and Dorothy Mayer. The Low Gross was reached by Carla Black while the Low Net was snagged by Chris Wright.  

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