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County committee discusses Pana salvage yard

Tavia Jean Breeze-Courier Writer

Monday night’s, Aug. 8, Christian County Board Executive Committee meeting in the Board Meeting Room on the second floor of the Courthouse, kicked off with concerns about a new junk yard proposed for Pana. Members of the community surrounding the potential property had concerns about how the new additions could impact market value and environment surrounding the property.

After the board listened to public comments, Steve Sipes, chairman of the Christian County Zoning Board of Appeals, was able to put everyone’s mind to rest. He reassured those concerned the new junk yard will be storing mechanical waste and not chemical waste or bio- degradable waste that could potentially lead to run off in the water from the property.

There was also worry about drain ditches along railroad tracks. Water has not been draining properly off of these properties leading to inconvenience, safety hazards and possibly property damage.

Sipes said the actions the county is wanting to take in order to make sure all the concerns are dealt with in a safe and proper manner.

Representatives from Invenergy gave the committee information on establishing a solar farm in the county. They informed the committee they will be issuing requests for more zoning variances concerning their projects in the county. More specifically, in the Bear Creek area. They have also been able to engineer around some situations where solar panels are being located near abandoned coal mines. There are specific regulations concerning panel placement over mining tunnels, but they have developed work arounds.

More help is needed at the Christian County Animal Control office. Director Dwanna Kelmel expressed the need for another Humane Investigator. The committee passed a motion to recommend the full county board approve another Humane Inspector.

Kelmel also indicated the office needed to hire at least two more part-time people to keep up with the demands.

The board also talked about the issues surrounding Christian County Animal Control. The board approved a Humane Investigator, this humane investigator is looking for more help at the shelter to keep up with the demands.

There was a discussion on how county department heads may fill vacancies in their departments. Members weren’t able to come to a consensus, so it was tabled until the September meeting.

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