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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

Each day, I drive down Elm Street, coming to town. Behind the VFW a subdivision of “affordable homes” is being built. Each day, I have a myriad of questions, some of which may have been answered in the Breeze-Courier at a much earlier time. Who is building this subdivision? Are they a local builder? Are they using local union
help? Who owns the subdivision, or who will end up with the ownership of the facility. I’m presuming it will be Christian County Housing Authority. Will the homes be used for Christian County people, or will our people put on a list with others from anywhere else? Will there be property taxes paid on the property? Will the units all be rental, or might a family buy their house and property?

Who is financing the enterprise? Governmental spokespeople say that by 2030 we, as individuals, won’t own anything and will be happy about it. Twenty-Thirty isn’t very far away. I’d worry about overloading our school system, ( a topic for a subsequent series of questions)
but the accompanying group of houses seem to all be rented to older folk without young, school-age kids.

I won’t ask about all the rumors flying around about the development. If true, not much of what I asked above will be the same. Thanks for your help,

Sincerely, Bill Harryman

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