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Behind Closed Doors: What’s in store for the 100 E. Market building?

Kim Paisley-Jones Breeze-Courier Writer
“It has been said that, at it’s best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.” — William Murtagh, the rst keeper of the National Register of Historic Places

TAYLORVILLE — The building located at 100 E. Market Street in Taylorville has been standing as far back as 1892, according to some bricks found inside during recent renovations. The building has seen a lot of businesses come and go through the years from a bank, to the world headquarters for Peabody Coal Company, to Frisina Enterprises, to One East Market Restaurant and many others. It has been sitting vacant for a couple of years until Dr. David Durham, “Doc” and his wife Deb purchased the three parcels in December of 2021.
Doc and Deb are from Edinburg and have a very creative vision for the premises they are calling the Republic House.

“It’s hard not to love when you’ve got the history here. There’s nothing about it that’s bad. The structure is good and solid once you get past the old plaster and the lathe that needs to go. It’s got good bones. I want to restore it to be this masterpiece on the square. I want it to be the place that people look at and they just have to go in there and see it.,” said Durham.

When is the renovation expected to be finished?
“Everything I do I do very well. I don’t skimp on anything. I was hoping to have everything ready by the end of this year. Unfortunately, with the size of the project it is going to take some time. I hired a local designer and we’re looking at summer of next year, possibly June. But, we’ll have a couple of things open before that,” said Durham. “We redid the roof and are basically gutting the upper floors, which includes breaking through brick walls to get from one side to the other. There was no entrance to some of the spaces except through the a crawl space in the roof. Now, we can easily move from one area to the other.”

As stated earlier, this is a three parcel purchase for Durham. One of the parcels is a two story building. On the second floor will be a two bedroom/two bath apartment with front and rear access.

“The apartment will be ready in a couple of weeks for rent. We’ve
been working on that pretty steadily and have it just about complete. It is located above the Shumway room which was part of the old One East Market Restaurant,” said Durham.

Coffee House
Durham said the old Shumway room will be turned into a coffee house, hopefully, by the end of this year.

“Within a couple of months we’ll be well on the road to being done. My wife and I think we have settled on the name of Republic House Coffee Company. It will have a real strong Americana theme…not necessarily political in nature, but rather Americana. It’s something that we both believe in strongly and will depict who we are as people. We plan on having some specialty coffees, as well as grab-n-go breakfast items.”

Microbrewery and restaurant
On the first floor of the former One East Market Restaurant currently sits the
old bar and restaurant area. Plans are in the works to have the Sangamo Brewing Company from Chatham set up shop in this space. There has been many discussions about this portion of the project and

“Everything is done except signing on the dotted line,” said Durham.

The old bar area will be the site of the restaurant portion of the business and the old restaurant portion of One East will be the new bar area, facing the West side windows. In the back of the building where the former outdoor seating area was, they plan to construct a building to house the vats of microbrew and will be cased in glass for all to see. 2nd oor Golf Simulation and Bourbon/Cigar Lounge. The second floor, located above the former bar area in One East Market, will house a golf simulator with 60 other different games to play.

“This will be great for anyone to enjoy from groups of friends to families, etc.,” said Durham.

“ We plan to have comfortable seating areas that people can enjoy, too. It will be a great place to come and hang out.”

“On that same floor, towards the back of the building will be a small VIP room with another smaller golf simulator, comfy chairs and tables and a kitchenette. “It will be great for small groups to rent out for private parties,” said Doc.

On the back side of this area, there will be a nice garage door that opens up to some outdoor seating on the balcony and a staircase that takes you up to the 3rd floor, where there is another outdoor seating area and garage door access for that third floor space. Straight across from the golf simulation area, heading west, will be the cigar/ bourbon lounge in the front of the building looking over the square. There will be a small bar upstairs that will service the golf/gaming area, as well as the cigar/bourbon lounge. 3rd oor Airbnb and venue space The third floor, above the golf simulation/gaming area will house three Airbnb units.

“These will be high-end units, not just throw a bed and toilet in there. They’re going to be really really nice, so when people come into town, they will have a nice place to stay. It’s nice that we have the bed and breakfast down the street. But this will add to the availability of staying somewhere nice. We’re also putting in an elevator from the bottom floor up to the 3rd floor. The Airbnb people can come up the elevator, get off on their floor and go into their private hallway without ever touching the other public spaces,”  said Durham.
The vision
“My whole vision for this project has been to have a place that people can go to and literally spend all day there. You can go there in the morning, have something to eat, read a book and drink some coffee for a couple hours. Then they can go up and play 18 rounds of golf on the simulator and have a couple beers. Then you can go downstairs and have lunch at the Sangamo Brewing Co. and then go up and have a cigar and a bourbon, or whatever. If they have too many bourbons, they can spend the night at the Airbnb.”

Our downtown area is starting to boom again with many new shops popping up over the last few years. It certainly is a welcome site for the city to have a visionary like Doc set his sights on a beautiful, historic building and bring it to life again. Stay tuned for future news about some of the historic buildings and plans for renovations in the downtown area.

ABOVE: Pictured are bricks that have been salvaged during renovations at 100 E. Market St. showing the building dates back as far as 1892.

Kim Paisley-Jones/Breeze-Courier

ABOVE: David “Doc” and Deb Durham of Edinburg.
Kim Paisley-Jones/Breeze-Courier

TAYLORVILLE — The building at 100 E. Market Street in Taylorville, situated on the South East corner of the square, was pur- chased in December of 2021 by Dr. David “Doc” Durham and his wife Deb. The building has been under construction since the spring and it’s new name will be The Republic House.

Photo courtesy

ABOVE: Pictured is the former Shumway room of the old One East Res- taurant. It will be the new home for the Republic House Coffee Company.

Kim Paisley-Jones/Breeze-Courier

ABOVE: Pictured is a grand staircase on the second oor heading to the planned 3rd oor Airbnb area of the new Republic House.

Kim Paisley-Jones/Breeze-Courier

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