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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

To the person who made the accusations against the Langleyville Public Water District in Tuesday’s paper, you should know all the facts before you make all the accusations. The water district owned the community center and was advertised for bids. We only had one person who made a bid. As for the lots, the person who bought them was the second person who wanted them, and the first person declined.

The proceeds from the center are being used to build an office for the water district. You said we didn’t need
an office, but we need one to keep our maps and records someplace. As to where the money went, come to the meeting. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month.

There is no son-in-law who was hired by the board. The man doing the work is doing it for free-gratis. We might have an opening on the board. If interested, come to the meeting and get your facts straight. If you make all these accusations without knowing the facts, you should have enough guts to sign your name

Ron Verardi

Chairman Langleygville

Public Water District

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