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Flu shots
I see the Christian County Health Department is doing Flu clinics again this year. Is there anyone left qualified to actually give the shots? My family and I will be going elsewhere for our shots. I will not support the Christian County Health Department as long as the current Health Department Board is not being held accountable for their wanton destruction of a well-run institution.

What’s wrong

So let me get this straight; 6 health board members were present at last nights meeting to determine the fate of the current administrator. The administrator was ousted by a 4-2 vote. So the county board representative who spearheaded this whole circus, a county board member’s sister who jumped on to create the two-headed monster, the same county board member’s daughter and a veterinarian who took the man and his health department to court just ruined the livelihood of one incredible professional- –Ironically the only 2 highly respected medical professionals on the board voted to keep him—the man disproved, in writing, ALL 12 concerns 2 of the board members gave him and he still was ousted- resignations need to be demanded immediately and the county board needs to be wiped clean. Good grief what is wrong with this county!!!!!

I’ve noticed that nearly every frontpage article comes from a left leaning source, i.e., the mainstream media. Why not print both sides of what’s happening in our country. Where are the articles about Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family? What about our unsecure borders and the drugs coming into our country as a result. I, for one, would like to read unbiased news articles.

(Ed. Note: Our source for national and international news is the Associated Press and not some shady, underground source. They are not left-leaning, nor right-leaning. They are middle leaning, if there is such a thing. They do present both side of a story, not conjecture on what someone believes. Just because a news source dosen’t fit your line of thinking, dosen’t mean it’s bias one way or the other.)

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  1. Jason on September 6, 2022 at 11:16 am

    This is a interesting comment since the only thing from the board was they could not comment on personal matters!!
    {the man disproved, in writing, ALL 12 concerns 2 of the board members gave him and he still was ousted}

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