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Hard work and dedication pay off for Abby Erlenbush


TAYLORVILLE — THS Jr., Abby Erlenbush credits hard work and dedication for her success.

Hard work is paying off for Taylorville High School Junior, Abby Erlenbush. Many champion and reserve champion ribbons were earned this year.

This hard work and dedication did not start in the last year. She started at a young age, working for her grandfather and continuing the horse farm he and her grandmother started.

The farm had 15 Missouri Fox Trotters Abby was constantly working with. This summer she showed two of her Missouri Fox Trotters that where born and raised on their farm.

Erlenbush’s Sorrel

colored horse competed in numerous competitions throughout the summer. Erlenbush rode her horse every night in preparation for the shows. Competing in halters, showmanship, riding, and modeling classes,

Erlenbush recognizes that preparation for shows takes a lot of dedication and time.

“This show season has been full of emotion due to my grandfather’s unexpected passing, “ said Erlenbush. “I have continued to work hard in his absence. It’s been a great show season with one show left to go.”

Through these hard times, she has picked up more responsibilities, not only at her horse farm, but her grandparent’s farm. She wanted to continue the passion the Washburn’s had for horses.

She started a Horse Placement SAE and has had an Equine entrepreneurship record book for a couple of years.

Erlenbush likes to participate in the Missouri Fox Trotter Association to further educate others on this far and few between breed.

Missouri Fox Trotters originated in Missouri and quickly developed into a gaited breed appreciated for its stock horse abilities, stamina, and smooth gaits.

The breed is in demand for use in versatility, pleasure, show, trail riding, cross- country and endurance.

“I would like to continue showing and spreading the word of this amazing breed. My grandpa taught me a lot before his passing that I plan to teach my children in the future. He was a stubborn man but full of wisdom. There was always one thing we shared a passion for, and that was horses.”

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