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Christian County Circuit Clerk and law enforcement deploy eCitation program

CHRISTIAN COUNTY — On Monday, Nov. 7, the Christian County Sheriff’s office and the Taylorville, Pana, Kincaid, Morrisonville, Stonington, Assumption and Edinburg police departments deployed digiTICKET on existing mobile computers.

Deployment consisted of 50 hand-held units, barcode scanners and portable printers for each unit so the officers can print accurate tickets immediately during traffic stops, reducing the time spent in dangerous roadside situations.

Citation information is completed easily and a paper ticket is printed on rugged thermal printers in a fraction of the time it takes for handwritten tickets.

This program allows officers to scan information directly from a violator’s driver’s license, improving accuracy and decreasing the likelihood of miscommunications or confrontations between drivers and police.

Once data is entered into the system, it is automatically available for police records and court software. Having this information accessible streamlines the citation workflow and makes it simpler to compile violation statistics for later use.

“DigiTICKET benefits both officers and citizens by improving the ticketing process in the field and for the courts by reducing errors and automating the process,” Christian County Circuit Clerk Julie Mayer said.

There are many advantages to this program, but one of the key advantages is for the safety of the officers. DigiTICKET enables officers to quickly issue tickets, thereby reducing the time spent in harm’s way during traffic stops for both the officer and the violator.

E-citations have been shown to reduce the time needed for a traffic stop from an average of 15 minutes to five or less. The solution also makes it easy to share critical data with other agencies. Automating this process ensures that important information, such as violator profile and other details, are correctly recorded and submitted. DigiTICKET will also free time previously spent on repetitive paperwork and data entry by providing an electronic data export that can be automatically uploaded to the Department of Transportation database, for reports such as the Illinois Traffic Stop Data sheet.

“The deployment integrated digiTICKET with the Christian County Circuit Clerk’s existing court case management system greatly increases the speed and efficiency of the Circuit Clerk’s office, Mayer said. “It accelerates or eliminates multiple steps in our current methods
and significantly cuts the time it takes to process citations. We’re impressed by how much easier it is to complete our tasks, such as reducing the time between issuing a ticket and when it can be paid online, which contributes to revenue collection in a timelier manner.’’ Mayer thanked the Christian County Board for the purchase of the system. “This allows all of the law enforcement agencies in the county to work together with the latest technology,” she said. “We couldn’t have done it without the Board’s approval of the use of ARPA funds.”

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