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Taylorville Council meets Monday

Members of the Taylorville City Council gathered Monday evening, Nov. 21, for their regular meeting in the Municipal Building, Among the items approved was the city’s tax levy for 2023 and several business agreements for developers.

Prior to the meeting, the city’s Finance Committee met to review the levy. They recommended the adoption of the levy during the committee meeting and it passed during the regular council meeting.

Six development agreements between the city and developers in District 1 were approved. The agreements are between the city and Robert Steiner and Rebecca Steiner; David and Deborah Durham. (100; 102; 104 E. Market St.); H&R Family, doing business as Taylorville Food Center; Billy J. Rhymes and Judith D. Rhymes; Heartland Development Partners, Inc.; Cynthia Frisina at the following locations – 109 S. Washington St.; 123 S. Washington St.; 201 W. Main Cross St.; Meidi Enterprises, LLC; John M. Corso and Heidi Corso; and Bekim Letniku, doing business as Country Kitchen, 408 N. Silver St.

In the Council approved an ordinance for a “Whistleblower Protection Policy.” They approved no parking zones on the south side of the 1100 block of E. Esther St. and the west side of Wilkinson St. A four-way stop at the intersection of N. Lawn Avenue and W. Elm St. received approval.

A special events permits for the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce for Carriage Rides in Downtown Taylorville on Dec. 3, 2022, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. was approved.

The Council voted to approve the purchase of a 2022 F-250 Regular Cab 4×4 from Landmark Ford Inc. in the amount of $68,138 for the Health/Building Official to be paid from the Health and Safety Budget and Appropriations line items, The current 2015 truck in use will be sent to the airport for use there.

Mayor Bruce Berry and City Attorney Rocci Romano discussed the issues regarding a new lawn mower for the cemetery. Lower rates on equipment have been found. However, the more expensive option is considered to be better due to already having equipment compatible with the new John Deere mower.

The Mayor also thanked the Taylorville police department for their turkey giveaway. He also congratulated the Taylorville High School volleyball team for taking fourth place this year in the Class 3A state tournament.

Council members gave approval to the fiscal year audit conducted by Lively, Mathias, Hooper and Noblet. The renewal of the city’s Workers Compensation insurance policy was approved for 2023. Cost is almost $216,000 from Illinois Public Risk.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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