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Davis Memorial Christian Church hosts a Celebrate Recovery Thanksgiving dinner


From left to right; Barb Miller; Kim Brune; Terry Littrell; Linda Allen; John Coady; Debbie Delinsky; Carol Bixler; Jill Gilbert; Karen Smith Not pictured: Chris Metsker; Miranda Smith; Julie England.

TAYLORVILLE — Davis Memorial Christian Church held its Celebrate Recovery Thanksgiving dinner at the Davis Memorial fellowship center from five to seven p.m. on Tuesday the twenty- second of November.

The group had door prizes and a full spread of delicious foods ready to share with guests.


Celebrate Recovery Thanksgiving turnout

Various community members came together to provide the door prizes. The door prizes included, but are not limited to; Personal care items; decorations; L.E.D stringlights; glow in the dark chargers; telescope; gift cards from local buisnessnes; A fancy line of essential oils by Doterra which were provided by Lu-Anne Stone.

Davis Memorial thanks the local businesses that help with the celebrate recovery group by making meals every Tuesday and for donating things such as gift cards for the Thanksgiving dinner event. The winners of the gift card prizes are; Kandi Jacobs; Beth Huddleston who won gift cards for Country Kitchen; Mindy Morgan who won a gift card for Spring Garden; Jay Asbridge who won a gift card for Walmart; Amy Hagen who won a gift card from Los Rancheros. Davis Memorial would like to remind the community about the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree they are partaking in for the Christmas season. The Prison fellowship tree helps children who have a parent in prison feel loved during the holiday season by providing the children with gifts from a parent who might be in prison. Programs like this helps keep a strong bond between parent and child while the parent is behind bars. Prison Fellowship can go along way to help those affected by incarceration feel seen, heard, and loved. For more information on the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree and Celebrate Recovery reach out to Davis Memorial Christian Church at (217)-824- 8181 or find them on Facebook (Davis Memorial Christian Church)


The leaders of the event serving the community