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IEPA, AG removes Kroger seal order

(SPRINGFIELD) — The Illinois Attorney General and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) have announced the seal order at the Taylorville Kroger store, 201 E. Bidwell St., has been removed. A press release announcing the removal was sent to the Breeze-Courier on Wednesday. The actual order was rescinded on Monday, Dec. 6.

“The Illinois EPA issued a Removal of Seal Order based on successful completion of the work in the approved Asbestos Abatement and Remedial Action Design Plan. Our Office’s enforcement action seeking a final order, including payment of appropriate civil penalties, is ongoing,” said Jamey Dunn-Thomason, spokesperson for the IEPA. “Throughout this remediation process, the priority of the Attorney General’s Office has been protecting the health and safety of shoppers and Kroger employees. Our office is committed to ensuring that Kroger and SSI Services are held accountable for creating this hazard and for preventing any further harm to the public’s health and the environment.”

In the order, the IEPA stated, “The Illinois EPA removes the seal order based on its determination that there no longer exists an Imminent and substantial danger to the public health , welfare and the environment.”

The IEPA issued the seal order on July 29, 2022 after it was found contractors were improperly removing asbestos tile flooring during the remodeling of the store. No one was able to enter the store until a qualified asbestos abatement plan and qualified contractors were hired and then only those people stipulated under the seal order were allowed to enter.

Once the work was completedandaninspection of the facility was conducted by the IEPA to determine whether the work had been successfully completed was the order rescinded.

Kroger officially announced late Monday the seal order was lifted and they were preparing to re- open the store, hopefully before Christmas.

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  1. carol campbell.manwaring on December 11, 2022 at 9:25 am

    We missed you i think its great you are reopening,can hardly wait.

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