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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The A.M.M.P. Learning Center in Pana is an autism an behavioral center that uses music and movement therap which helps jumpstart the brain. The center is for all ages The website is, and our Faceboo page is A A M P/amt-The Autism and Movement Project The center is non-profit, and it serves over 100 clients. A A.M.M.P., we strive to keep our monthly fee down to hel our many needy families. This is why we are appealing to th public today.

Our new fundraiser is called, “Rockin’ Around the A.M.M.P Christmas Tree.” The fundraising goal is $5,000, but we woul be most humbled and grateful if it went over that amount Our needs as a non-profit, keeping our clients, employees an other general expenses, are great each month and continuall on the rise. We are inviting as many people as we can reac to participate in this season of giving. One hundred percen of all donations will go to clients, general needs of AAMP fo clients, general expenses of AAMP including building an maintenance, etc., and lastly, employees.

Your gift can be mailed to 11 South Locust Street, Pana IL 62557. Donations are also excepted through our website clink on the donation tab.

On behalf of our clients and staff together, thank you fo Rockin’ Around the A.A.M.P. Christmas Tree, and know yo will get a sentimental feeling when you give in the new old fashioned way!

We invite you to join us at the Brewin’ Hope coffee shop located at 11 S. Locust (former Pana Masonic Temple) i downtown Pana. You can see our work in action as many o our clients run the business. Come in for coffee, conversatio and maybe find that unique Christmas gift.

Erica Frailey-Matthews, owner and the Fundraising Committee, Becky Wafford, Brenna Dameris and Amand Taylor

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