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Executive committee permits ARPA requests

Lucas Domonousky Breeze-Courier Writer 

CHRISTIAN COUNTY — The Executive, Personnel, Liquor and Legislative committee meeting was held on the second floor of the Christian County Courthouse in Taylorville on Tuesday, Jan. 10. This was the first gathering under the direction of Committee Chairman Clint Epley as well as newly elected board members Jean Vandenbergh and Clayton Walter. With all being present, including Dave Puccetti, the meeting commenced.      

The Senior Center started things off with an ARPA funds request for the purchase of new transportation vehicles. The center is currently experiencing several problems with at least two of their vans and presented quotes for two new ones. Epley formed a  motion to allow for $125,000 of ARPA funds for the purchase of the vehicles. The matter was second by Puccetti, unanimously passed and sent to the Finance committee.

Meals on Wheels, represented by Debbie Webber, presented information to the committee regarding the difficulties the program has experienced which included receiving payment for the meals and getting volunteers to deliver. Epley forms the motion to grant “Meals on Wheels” the funds for a price not to exceed $26,400. The motion passed and was sent to Finance committee.         

Next, Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jim Baker spoke of the Courthouse security equipment and just how out dated the late 80s metal detector and x-ray machine are. There is no problem with the equipment but given the age and use they should be replaced sooner rather than later. Baker started this process back in August of 2022. Epley formed the motion, second by Puccetti, to give Baker the authority to order the two new machines for $28,770 out of ARPA funds. The motion passed and was sent off to finance.

Chief Public Defender Tiffany Senger requested ARPA funds for a more secure locking mechanism throughout the Courthouse. The matter was discussed and tabled for a future meeting to make sure they aren’t going through multiple locksmith companies.  

Elizabeth Hile and the Christian County Courthouse are seeking the assistance needed with the management of records. The position will not exceed 400 hours. Epley forms, Puccetti seconds a $6,500 for temporary staff to assist with the records management. The matter passed and was sent to finance. 

Chairman Bryan Sharp updated the committee members briefly on the status of the Carbon Capture and Storage Ordinance. 

He explained Hile and he met with McDonough County Attorney Joe Murphy regarding the matter. 

“They are still working on developing a moratorium.” Sharp stated. “So we are still waiting too hear how that language is going to look. It is unprecedented what they are writing. There is no other language like it.” 

No further update was provided.

Treasurer Betty Assmusen briefed the Executive committee on the county’s Credit Card policy and informed there were departments that could use their own. No action was taken. 

Solid Waste director spoke about the current office location and future plans for the department. As of right now Solid Waste and Zoning share an office building. The plan is to relocate the two to the Courthouse as soon as the space becomes available.

“Zoning is a county thing. It needs to eventually be at the Courthouse to get building permits. It seems logical.” Chairman Epley said. 

Hammers also provided a summary of a part time Solid Waste Educator which included 25 hours a week and possible salary numbers. No action was taken on either matter. 

The referrals from the Highway, Building, Grounds, Environmental, Zoning and Welfare committee meeting the evening prior were next to be addressed. First the Health Department seeking $5,000 for parking lot repairs was referred to the finance committee. The Animal Control power gate was referred to finance for and amount not to exceed $6,300. Lastly, new carpet was approved for use in Courthouse rooms and on the stairs. Neikes provided the bid for $13,367. The motion passed and the matter was sent to the Finance committee. The meeting adjourned at 8:14. 

The Audit, Finance and Purchasing committee will meet this week on Wednesday, Jan. 11.       

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