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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I don’t have an understanding of why people who litter think that it is
ok to toss trash out of their car windows, letting it land on the side of the road on other people’s property. It can’t be laziness, because it would take zero effort to keep plastic bags in your car for trash purposes. Grocery store bags can easily be saved and used for this purpose. When you get home, put simply carry your trash into your own house and dispose of it. None of that takes any effort. So if laziness isn’t the reason for littering, I guess the root cause must be thoughtlessness. You don’t care that other people have to look at your trash as they drive, nor do you care that eventually someone else is going to have to pick up your trash. Would you like for people to throw trash in your yard for you to pick up and dispose of? Why not be more courteous by taking responsibility for your own trash.

Sue Robertson, Taylorville

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