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Taylorville installs pole cameras on Routes 29 and 48


TAYLORVILLE — The City of Taylorville recently installed two pole cameras on Route 29 and 48 that will be used in license plate recognition. Pictured is one of the new cameras mounted on a pole located on on Route 29. See story below.

License Plate Checking Cameras Installed

TAYLORVILLE — After months of research and applying for the proper permits, the City of Taylorville has installed two pole cameras on Route 29 and Route 48 that will be used in license plate recognition. Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler said “It is an excellent tool for evidence gathering, as it provides police with critical, indisputable video footage to investigate crimes and secure arrests.”

This tool will also alert Taylorville Police on stolen vehicles and persons that have warrants for their arrest and will only be used for criminal activity. “We have certainly considered citizens’ privacy rights and have discussed, at great length, with many agencies in our area that currently use this tool,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler wants to ensure the public to feel more secure with the use of this tool. “If a crime is committed in Taylorville and the vehicle leaves Taylorville, we have a good chance of identifying the subject or subjects. We can also receive alerts on persons of interest in crimes that have occurred in Springfield and Decatur, along with several other agencies in and out of Illinois. The department could add a plate number or partial plate and type of vehicle into the system, and all agencies that use Flock will be notified. If successful, we hope to purchase more.

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