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A decade of haircuts, beard trims and service to Taylorville


Lucas Domonousky Breeze-Courier Writer TAYLORVILLE — Ten years. A tenner. A decade. However you phrase it, the length of time holds a certain value to everyone. To Travis Collins, proprietor of TC’s Barber Shop, it shouts consistency.

TC’s Barber Shop held its Grand Opening way back in Jan. 29, 2013. Collins saw an opportunity for the needed service. So he took his shot and has been running with it ever since.

“At the time there was only one place to go.” Travis said respectfully. “I got tired of sitting there waiting all day so I thought I’d open my own.”

His approach to cutting hair is a unique blend of quick movements coupled with a steady focus that gets customers in and out in no

time at all. Where many see it as an opportunity to catch up and reminisce Collins gets right down to business.

“I just learn from other people.” stated Collins “Let me just stay focused, cut the hair, save some time and we’re good to go.”

This strategy has made him plenty successful and is a big reason he has been able to remain open for so long.

“They know they don’t have to sit in here all day,” he said. “so they can come in and get a good cut. They won’t have to be here all day at the same time.”

With so many moving parts there is tons to love about being a Barber. Being his own boss and the many different people he meets are just two of them.

“You can’t beat working for yourself.” says the snipper.


“Being able to meet all the people I meet. Always learning new stuff about the people. Just about everywhere I go I see someone that I know. That’s pretty cool.”

The Taylorville City Council approved his Class O Liquor and Gaming License during the Summer last year. Although it is still in development, the plans for the addition of “TC’s Lounge” is as clear as day.

“It’ll be a spot where you can just kick back, have a cold drink while you wait for your haircut.” TC says. “Also, you know, play while you wait. Because 90% of guys like to gamble

and 50% like to drink.” All jokes aside Travis is looking to fill his and his customers time with as much delight as he possibly can. And if hat means giving people what

they want he’s here for it! Travis Collins’ approach to life has caused him ten whole years of success in the community. His optimistic, hard working and overall positive vibe is what has brought him to where he is and he hopes to be here for decades to come.

“Aim for the sky.” says the Barber. “If it doesn’t work out at least you can say you tried.”

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