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School Building Committee debates building projects

(TAYLORVILLE) — The Taylorville School Board’s Building Committee met on Tuesday afternoon in the high school cafeteria. Members reviewed data and plans for the addition of the fine arts building and sports complex.

The committee discussed recent news after being notified about rising costs for the projects, both are not able to be fully funded.

Students, parents, staff and former THS graduates came forward with reasons to support either the Fine Arts Center or the Sports Complex.

The Board has returned to the drawing board with planning for the upcoming updates to the school. They will be looking to adjust materials used in the building process to help offset the project’s cost. The committee hopes the entire project can be fulfilled if the proper adjustments are made.

No decision was made on whether they would build one project or the other if funding can’t be figured out for both. They are still seeking input if that type of decision will be made.

The committee did make the recommendation to the full school board to continue the demolition process and approve the insurance costs to the board.

There was a meeting of the Finance Committee the same evening, but information concerning it was not made available to the Breeze-Courier.

The next meeting of the TaylorvilleSchoolBoardis Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the Taylorville High School cafeteria.

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