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County Executive Committee favors paperless

Lucas Domonousky Breeze-Courier Writer

(TAYLORVILLE) — The Executive, Personnel, Liquor and Legislative Committee of the Christian County Board met Tuesday on the second floor of the Christian County Courthouse in Taylorville. Updates were given, referrals were reviewed and ARPA funds were all topics of discussion for the second committee meeting of the month.

The Board is moving towards a more modern approach to government with the addition of electronic tablets. The addition of the tablets would allow the board to stay connected through seamless communication. The tablets would also allow for less paper waste which will save the county money in the long run. A motion was unanimously adopted to send the matter to the Finance Committee recommending the paperless transition. Committee member David Puccetti was absent.

Venice McWard presented a referral to the committee which will then be sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The referral is asking for permission for a D. C. power line to be buried. The project will span 29 miles across the county. The line contains an electric current 14.5x higher voltage than the Ameren current. The lines will be buried to prevent weather damage and safety risks.

“This is not something new,” McWard said. “I just think this is for the safety of everyone in the area if we just bury the D. C. transmission lines.”

The committee approved the proposal and send it to the full Board for final consideration. The meeting went into closed session to discuss employment matters at 7:14 p.m. When the meeting opened back up at 7:55, a motion was approved to set a salary of $45,000 for the Animal Control Director. The recommendation was sent to the Finance Committee.


Renewable energy developer Greg Vasilion represented Invenergy during the public comments section to give a brief update on the solar energy project in development. They are 95% done with the land campaign and are looking to have everything submitted by late April. He also requested to be put on the agenda for next month to have the opportunity to inform the County Board to touch on aspects of the project.

Christian County Emergency Management Director Jeff Stoner gave his EMA update.

He admitted it has been a slow month which is “really good.” The department is preparing for South Fork Dirt Rider’s annual “Tailgate and Tallboys” event this summer. The expectation is it to be a larger gathering than previous years and, of course, ATV/Dirt riding. He spoke about joint operations between police and fire departments preparing for active shooters and disaster situations.

“If there was an active situation, instead of EMS waiting for the whole situation to be handled and the threat to be neutralized we would go in with police officers to render first aid immediately in zones that have been cleared,” Stoner said.

The Christian County Historical Society will have to wait for ARPA funds to build protection for what is likely Christian County’s oldest standing house. The house turned museum sits on the Historical Society site and was constructive in the 1830’s. The foundation is rotting away due to the Illinois elements. The Historical Society received two bids for a protective structure to be built around the house so not to cover the structure completely. The matter was tabled until it can be brought before the Executive, Personnel Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m.

The next Christian County Board committee is tonight at 6:30 p.m. when the Finance Committee convenes.

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