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Take Notice – Case No. 2023TX24




TO: BRETT W MILLS, NOKOMIS SAVINGS BANK, Persons in Occupancy or actual possession of said property, unknown owners or parties interested in said land or lots.


A Petition for Tax Deed on the property described below has been filed with the Circuit Clerk of Christian County, IL as Case No. 2023TX24. The Property is located at:  Permanent Index Number: 17-13-26-302-007-00,


Brief Legal Description:  ANDERSONS THIRD ADD LOTS 6 & 7 BLK 1   120X135′ BOOK 5 PAGE215   171445.000   13-26-E , Certificate Number: 201900229.


Said Property was sold on 10/27/2020 for Delinquent Real Estate Taxes and/or Special Assessments for the year 2019.  The period of redemption will expire on 8/10/2023. On August 22, 2023 at 9:00 am in Courtroom B the Petitioner will make application to such Court in said County for an Order for Issuance of a Tax Deed.


A B Investments,



3/23, 3/24, 3/26, 2023

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